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Our Locations:

Main Office
700 East Twiggs Street
5th Floor
Tampa, Florida 33602

Plant City Office
301 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 1007B
Plant City, Florida 33563

Mailing Address
PO Box 172910
Tampa, Florida 33672

Phone (813) 272-5980


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Welcome to our web site!
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What is Safe and Sound Hillsborough?

The Hillsborough County Community Violence Prevention Collaborative (VPC or Collaborative) was created in the summer of 2013 as an initiative to transform the way local policy makers address violence. This initiative shifts policy from a public safety to a public health model and aligns community and professional stakeholders to develop a comprehensive prevention and intervention approach. The Public Defender is proud to be the Vice Chair of the Leadership Council, which includes representatives from the Board of County Commissioners, the Mayors of Plant City, Tampa, and Temple Terrace, the Sheriff’s Office, School District, State Attorney, 13th Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County Schools, and other subject-matter experts. Committees and Subcommittees include numerous and diverse community stakeholders who focus in key areas, including health care, education, community-based organizations, faith groups, and public safety. Through this initiative, a comprehensive strategic plan was developed, along with a branding of the implementation phase as Safe & Sound Hillsborough.

Click here to visit the Safe & Sound webpage and read the Strategic Plan Stay up to date with our efforts: “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@SafeSoundHills).

In accordance with the Florida law and procedure, the Law Office of Public Defender Julianne M. Holt, 13th Judicial Circuit, is now accepting service by e-mail. E- service must comply with Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.516.
E-mail service of pleadings, motions, and other court documents must be addressed to
Do not e-mail pleadings to individual attorneys.
  1. The e-mail subject line must contain “SERVICE OF COURT DOCUMENT” in all capital letters followed by the case number.
  2. The body of the e-mail must include:
    • The court in which the proceeding is pending (Circuit, County)
    • The case number.
    • The name of the initial party on each side.
    • The title of each document served.
    • The sender's name and telephone number.
  3. Documents must be attached to the e-mail and must be in PDF format.
  4. The e-mail and attachments together may not exceed 5 megabytes in size; emails exceeding size requirement must be divided into separate e-mails and labeled sequentially in the subject line.
Individuals not represented by counsel (proceeding pro se) may continue to serve pleadings in person or via U.S. mail.

Our office is committed to efficiently providing our clients with effective legal representation, and treating our clients, our employees, and our community with dignity and respect.

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Compassionate and Innovative Criminal Defense

Case Specialists and Aftercare

Forensic Behavioral Intervention Unit

Pepin Academies
Defender's Credo
I am a Public Defender.
I am the guardian of the presumption of innocence, due process and fair trial.
To me is entrusted the preservation of those sacred principles.
I will promulgate them with courtesy and respect.
But not with obsequiousness and not with fear, for I am partisan; I am counsel for the defense.
Let none who oppose me forget that with every fiber of my being, I will fight for my clients.
My clients are the indigent accused.
They are the lonely, the friendless.
There is no one to speak for them, but me.
My voice will be raised in their defense.
I will resolve all doubt in their favor.
This is my credo; this and the Golden rule.
I will seek acclaim and approval only from my own conscience.
And if upon my death there are a few lonely people who have benefitted, my efforts will not have been in vain.

James J. Doherty, Former Public Defender,
Cook County, Chicago, Illinois
Declaration of Commitment to Our Clients
We pledge:
  • To treat our clients and other parties with respect and courtesy.
  • To promote and protect our clients’ legal rights in our judicial system.
  • To handle our clients; cause competently and diligently, in accordance with the highest standards of the profession.
  • To exercise independent professional judgment on our clients’ behalf.
  • To meet with our clients and be available as requested to discuss their cases.
  • To return telephone calls promptly.
  • To respect our clients’ decisions on the objectives to be pursued in their case as permitted by law and the rules of professional conduct.
  • To work with other participants in the legal system to make our legal system more accessible and responsive.
  • To maintain and preserve the client confidences learned during our lawyer-client relationship.
  • To exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct in accordance with the code of professional responsibility and model rules of professional conduct.
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  The Law Office of Julianne M. Holt Public Defender is committed to efficiently providing our clients with effective legal representation, and treating our clients, our employees, and our community with dignity and respect.